Introducing wayForward!

Amplified Life brings a technology enabled solution, wayForward, to address some of the most pressing needs of our clients.

wayForward is an affordable mobile and web based solution that can be integrated with an EAP or Employee Wellness program to allow a more comprehensive, digital service offering.

wayForward Features:

• Programs based on CBT, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
• Interactive tools and 250+ videos to teach skills
• 24/7 access on mobile and web
• Personalized support provided by a coach

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Printed Materials

The power behind our print materials lies in their ability to attract, inform and engage readers. Possessing a careful blend of subject matter authority, human-centered design principles and powerful psychology, our print materials will help you cost-effectively extend your reach.

Whether viewing a pamphlet, poster or a quarterly wellness newsletter, readers will receive insight and guidance on how to overcome challenges, access additional resources and improve their well-being.


Digital Solutions

Recognize the need for proven, affordable, digital solutions but not quite sure where to start?

No problem. Our dedicated team of technologists and behavioral scientists are highly experienced in designing, developing and delivering technology-enabled solutions that meet the specific needs of EAPs and other providers behavioral health and wellness providers.

Integration, affordability, ease of use, branding, scalability, mobile-responsiveness...whatever your needs might be, our team will help you design and deliver a solution that's just right for you and those you serve.

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