Our Owners

Lyle Labardee

Chief Executive Officer

Lyle brings 25+ years of experience developing and delivering innovative behavioral health resources and solutions to EAPs, employers and organizations throughout the US.

Email: lyle@amplife.us

Susan Labardee

Director of Operations

Susan brings 20+ years of experience including organizational leadership, direct services and operations support to nationwide behavioral health and wellness services.

Email: susan@amplife.us

Our Leadership Team

Dean Ferris

Healhcare Business Advisor

Dean brings 15 years of CEO-level, healthcare executive experience, and provides Amplified Life with strategic guidance and leadership in healthcare business and product development.

Amy Kallman

Care Team Supervisor

Amy brings years of experience serving as a clinincal practice administrator. She supervises and supports Amplifed Life's Care Team, and ensures all clients receive prompt, personal and efficient service.

Sabreen Polavin

Clinical Director

Sabreen brings 9 years of clinical experience to her role as Clinical Director. A Licensed Master's Social Worker (LMSW) and EMDR qualified therapist, Sabreen supports Amplifed Life's therapists and ensures best practices.

Amanda Maher

Employee Assistance Manager

Amanda brings 15 years of clinical, LMSW / CEAP experience serving national-level EAP accounts, and supports the delivery of Amplified Life's services to EAPs and Employers.

Sarah Sheppard

Creative Director & Project Manager

Sarah brings 10 years of experience in graphic design, marketing communications and photography. She excels at bringing other creatives together and coordinating efforts.

Our Care Team

Emily Bronson

Care Coordinator

Emily answers the phone and helps our individual and corporate clients access services.

Email: emilyb@amplife.us
Phone: 616-499-4711

Brooklyn Bruin

Care Coordinator

Brooklyn answwers the phone and helps our individual and corporate clients access services.

Email: brooklynb@amplife.us
Phone: 616-499-4711

Our Therapists

Our Creative Media Team

Nicole Papaioannou, PhD

Instructional Designer & Digital Health Writer

Nicole Papaioannou Lugara is an instructional design consultant and founder of both Your Instructional Designer and its learning network, the Upskill Experience. She has her PhD in English from St. John's University, where she focused her research on student engagement, transfer of learning, and writing across contexts.

Renae Brumbaugh, MFA

Digital Health Health Writer - Wellbeing & WorkLife Issues

Renae Green, MFA, is an ECPA bestselling author and award-winning journalist. She teaches English at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, where she lives with her handsome, country-boy husband, two dogs, a bunch of chickens and a duck. Her four grown children live nearby, and she anxiously awaits grandchildren so she can spoil them and send them home. 

Jessica Ball, MS, RD

Digital Health Writer - Wellbeing & Nutrition

Jessica Ball is a Registered Dietitian and nutrition professional specializing in communications, editing, recipe development and sustainable food systems. She is a graduate of MSU and the UnIversity of Vermont, and she also serves as Assistant Digital Editor of Nutrition for EatingWell Media Group.